For the Love of Good is a collective of passionate creatives committed to instigating positive change through creative campaigns. 

We work across multi-media platforms to create projects and campaigns tailored to important social issues within our society that desperately need addressing. 

We exist to shift perspectives; to challenge archaic ideologies that isolate, degrade and exclude. We hope our campaigns and projects will open minds and unclench fists. We hope to inspire, educate and liberate our viewers.


We believe the arts, in all its forms, has incredible power to shift people’s perspectives and inspire action.  Our campaigns aim to resonate with all those who come in contact with them.

Our work supports the passionate advocates fighting for change on the front lines. 

We compel fence sitters to take a stand and join social movements.

We implore the sceptics to question their beliefs and open their minds.

We fight for inclusion, empathy and understanding in everything we do.